2013 Excellence in Food Safety Recognition


iTopIt Recognized by El Paso County Public Health
For Excellence in Food Safety
No critical health code violations in 2013!


Colorado Springs, February 2014

iTopIt is proud to be recognized by the El Paso County Health department and the El Paso County Food Safety Advisory Group for consistently maintaining superior food safety practices at our frozen yogurt shops in Colorado Springs. 


At iTopIt we work hard every day to make sure our shops are spotless. Thanks to the great work of our Yogurista team, we keep our entire shops clean and organized and we adhere to or exceed every health code policy. We don't just do this where our customers can see it, but also in the kitchen and food preparation areas. And we focus on this not just becuase of health inspections, but becuase it's what we look for as customers when we visit other restaurants. It's simply the right thing to do for our families and yours.


A list of all the restaurants recognized for Excellence in Food Safety during 2013 is available here.


From the El Paso County Public Health website:
El Paso County Public Health is partnering with the El Paso County Food Safety Advisory Group (FSAG) to recognize licensed retail food service establishments in El Paso County which consistently maintain superior food safety practices. This effort will be known as “Excellence in Food Safety.” 

A retail food establishment will be eligible for the recognition if the establishment receives no critical violations on their report in the course of two regular annual inspections. Critical violations are those which, if not corrected, may lead to foodborne illness. Noncritical violations are related to the maintenance of the establishment, and the cleanliness, and can lead to the development of critical violations.

As part of the program retail food establishments will be recognized annually at the Board of Health meeting and the recognition list will be posted on www.elpasocountyhealth.org. The recognition program is a rewards-based system for the regulated retail food industry. It was developed by the FSAG with the goal of giving retail food establishments who successfully implement superior food safety practices recognition and appreciation.


About iTopIt: iTopIt is the first self-serve frozen yogurt restaurant to serve the Colorado Springs, Colorado area. iTopIt offers 24 yogurt and sorbet flavor combinations and over 70 toppings to choose from, and lots of family fun. iTopIt is dedicated to providing a great experience for the whole family!