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Waffle Cones

Enjoy an iTopIt Waffle Cone!

You can pour your selection of frozen dessert (frozen yogurt, sorbet, custard, gelato and more!) and toppings into a cup, or into a delicious waffle cone!


Or you can also dunk a cone into your cup!


iTopIt Waffle Cones are a yummy alternative to the traditional cup, and a great option for a treat on the go. Just grab a cone at the cup counter, add your favorite frozen dessert flavor and a couple of toppings (sprinkles are a great topping for cones), pay at the register, and enjoy!


If you want the taste of a waffle cone, and also all of the toppings you usually fit into a cup, then just dunk a cone into your cup! You can add a cone to your cup just like any of our selection of over 70 toppings.


Kids and adults alike love iTopIt waffle cones, so stop by our frozen dessert shop in Colorado Springs today and try one.