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Weightless Fun Cup 

iTopIt is the home of the Weightless Fun Cup! All the self-serve FUN for one low price! Only $3.49 for a Jr. Fun Cup, just $4.99 for a Medium Fun Cup, and $5.99 for the Super Fun Cup (plus tax), with no weight limit!


It's easy and affordable! You choose from three Weightless Fun Cup sizes, pour the frozen dessert (froyo, sorbet, gelato, custard, ice-cream) combinations you want, add all of your favorite toppings, and then you pay the set price regardless of the weight of your cup! 


With the iTopIt Weightless Fun Cups you can enjoy all the self-serve yumminess of iTopIt for one low set price. No coupon needed, and no age restrictions - just visit iTopIt and ask for a FUN CUP!


There is no coupon needed for the iTopIt Weightless Fun Cup, and it cannot be combined with some other offers and coupons. Visit your nearest iTopIt location in Colorado Springs and look for the Weightless Fun Cups. Please ask one of our friendly employees for more details and they will be happy to help you and your family.