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Party @ iTopIt!

Are you looking for a family-friendly place to host your next party or celebration? Then you have found the best place in Colorado Springs to host your next event: iTopIt!

A fun party at iTopIt can include a behind-the-scenes tour of our frozen dessert shop, activities hosted by our friendly staff (including story time and animal balloons), stickers, activity sheets, coloring sheets and much more! We can reserve a table for you and you are welcome to bring in your own drinks and a cake. But don't forget the self-serve frozen desserts! The kids will love creating their own treat, choosing from 24 frozen dessert flavor combinations (including frozen yogurt, sorbet (dairy-free), soft-serve gelato, and more!) and over 70 toppings. Our Junior Weightless Fun Cup is perfect for the kids!

Our customers choose iTopIt to celebrate birthday parties, graduations, sporting events, good grades, and so much more!

Price: There is no charge for hosting a party or celebration at iTopIt. Please contact us for more details.

For more information about our party hosting services, please speak with the Manager at our shop or contact us through e-mail.

We look forward to hosting your next party at iTopIt!

[Please Note: iTopIt serves peanuts and other products with nuts. While we try our best to avoid cross-contamination, it's always possible that our customers will come in contact with nut products.]